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#dentistry #dentist #dental #smile #odontologia #dentista #teeth #cosmeticdentistry #dentistryworld #dentalphotography #odonto #tooth #dentistrylife #orthodontics #dentalcare #dentalhygienist #dentalimplants #oralhealth #veneers #dentalstudent #dentalassistant #dentalclinic #dentistlife #dentalhy...

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#dentistry #dentist #dental #smile #odontologia #dentista #teeth #cosmeticdentistry #dentistryworld #dentalphotography #odonto #tooth #dentistrylife #orthodontics #dentalcare #dentalhygienist #dentalimplants #oralhealth #veneers #dentalstudent #dentalassistant #dentalclinic #dentistlife #dentalhy...

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3 months ago
The best experience I’ve had with a dentist’s office! From the receptionist to the dental assistant to the dentist herself it was a friendly and professional experience. They were very informative and went above and beyond to help me understand my insurance coverage.
- Orna T
a month ago
Staff is very efficient and Dr. Gula helped me out, just in time! Thanks for a wonderful experience.
- Jacqueline M
8 months ago
I love them so friendly so welcoming this was my first visit. And when I say I love them all it means the receptionist to the hygienist all the way to the doctor. I cant say enough I just hope they start taking my Insurance so I can go back. I highly recommend this dentist office what wonderful people.
- Rafael R

Dental Services in Chicago

Premier Dental Services in Chicago

Although considered less essential in comparison to other health issues, dental health should be of uttermost importance. Choosing the right Chicago dentist can, at times, be quite challenging. This is because Chicago has witnessed an increase in the number of dental clinics that claim to have experienced professionals. However, City Edge Dental is not like most of the other clinics. The clinic, having been tried and tested, is one of the very best in the sector.

About the Company 

Since its establishment in 1963, City Edge Dental has over and again proven itself to be a top-tier dental health institution. The clinic, located in the far northern edge of Chicago, serves various communities, namely Norwood Park, Gladstone Park, Jefferson Park, Niles, Norridge Park, Edison, and Skokie. As it has widely been of assistance to quite an enormous number of people, it comes as no surprise that it's regarded by many to be clinic-of-choice for treatment of dental issues.

Meet the Staff 

City Edge Dental has some of the best Chicago dentists and nurses in Chicago. They are renowned for their gentle care of patients and comprehensive knowledge of dental issues and their effective treatments. Not only do all its staff members have adequate training from recognized learning institutions, but they also have years of experience under their belts. Here's a bit of information about the two lead dentists at the institution.

Dr. Irene Gula, DDS 

A passionate believer that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, Dr. Irene Gula is one of the most accomplished dentists in Chicago. For her first degree, Dr. Gula attended the prestigious University of Toronto, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. In 2000, she attended Northwestern University, where not only did she get placed on the Dean's list, but she also earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Dr. Gula has received extensive training in endodontics, extractions, and is certified in Invisalign and Lumineers. Her broad list of accolades makes her one of the most learned female Chicago dentists in the country.A mother and a wife, Dr. Gula loves skiing, traveling, hiking, mountain climbing, among many more fun activities.

Dr. Vi Quan, DDM 

Dr. Vi Quan, a certified dental practitioner, has been practicing dentistry for the past 11 years. She is a graduate of Georgia Tech, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree and also a graduate of The Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, where she received a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. She is one of the most qualified dentists in Chicago hence why she is one of the most sought after. Known for her compassionate nature, Dr. Quan believes that everyone deserves gentle dental care.With the help of well-trained nurses, these dentists have been key contributors to the success of the clinic. City Edge Dental's warm and caring Chicago dentists always place your wellbeing first, and as such, if you require any dental assistance, this is the clinic to visit.

Benefits of Regular Checkups 

Perfect oral health usually is achieved by the adoption of good oral habits. As an individual, you ought to ensure that you brush your teeth correctly at least twice a day and floss regularly. It's also essential that from time to time, you visit a reliable dentist for professional oral examinations.Dental professionals all over the globe often advocate for dental appointments to be scheduled at least thrice every year. However, research by notable institutions reports that this isn't normally the case as many only visit a dentist when a problem needs to be addressed. Unknown to many, regular oral examinations by credible Chicago dentists have several benefits.

First, it assists in the early detection of a problem. A lot of issues could be ongoing underneath your gums without you realizing it. The issues could go on to be major problems if not detected early. Dentists not only solve problems, but they can also prevent them. Given that City Edge Dental has state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic's dentists can spot problems before they become bigger issues.

Secondly, regular checkups assist in creating a helpful medical history. Just like any other doctor, dentists tend to use one's dental medical history to know one's root problem. As such, you don't have to try out different forms of medication as your preferred Chicago dentist knows which impactful medication to give.

At City Edge Dental, you will receive the most thorough dental exam possible. If all clear, they will advise you on how to maintain this result, and if a problem is detected, you'll be afforded the necessary treatment.

Services Offered by City Edge Dental 

In an effort to ensure that all its clients are well catered to, City Edge Dental offers a wide range of services other than regular checkups. Below is a list of the services the clinic's Chicago dentists are experts at.  

Periodontal Care 

One of the most common diseases in the dental sector, research reveals that gum disease is present in at least three out of every five people. However, many may not even be aware they have the disease, as in most cases, it's usually painless. If in your case, you do feel pain, dentists at City Edge Dental are capable of offering you the needed assistance.


If you or your child's teeth need straightening, the very capable Chicago dentists over at City Edge Dental have the perfect solution for you. Unlike braces, Invisalign clear aligners work a bit faster. In a period as little as 6 months, you could have your teeth in perfect shape for a clear and bright smile. You no longer have to feel worried about someone noticing your crooked dental formula as just as Invisalign has done wonders for millions, it could do the same for you.

Dental Implants 

If you're looking for something more comfortable than conventional bridges and dentures, the clinic's dentists have the right replacement for you. Unlike dentures, although they serve the same purpose, dental implants won't slip or shift in your mouth. Having implanted plenty on numerous occasions, the clinic's Chicago dentists are more than capable of implanting yours successfully as well.

Oral Cancer Screening 

Oral cancer is fairly common. However, if it isn't caught at an early stage, treating it successfully may be an uphill task. As a clinic which values the wellbeing of its clients, City Edge Dental has invested heavily in purchasing cancer screening equipment. No patient should have to suffer the burden of excessive costs associated with late oral cancer detection. At a reasonable cost, you could be screened at our facility.


Unlike in the olden days where teeth whitening was left to the crème of the society, technological innovations have made it possible for even common civilians access to this service. Depending on the level of your teeth's discoloration, the clinic's Chicago dentists can figure out which technique to use to do away with the discoloration effectively. As the techniques they use are safe, you need not worry as you are sure of nothing short of excellent results.Given that the firm has one of the best general dentistry practices in the city and is run by elite Chicago dentists, you can rest assured of getting comprehensive dental treatments. Whether its fluoride treatments, professional breath control assistance, or even placement of fillings and crowns, City Edge Dental's professionals are more than up to the task.

Why Choose City Edge Dental

If you're in search of a quality dental clinic, City Edge Dental has got you covered. Here are some of the reasons why getting your dental issues treated at this given clinic would be prudent.

Quality Dental Training

Not only are the two lead Chicago dentists at the clinic educational giants, but also are the rest of the junior dentists and nurses. The clinic has made it a practice to hire only those with credentials from recognized learning institutions. This is so as to afford all its patients exceptional care while getting serviced.

Experienced Professionals 

With a combined experience of over 30 years, City Edge Dental is one of the most experienced dental clinics in Chicago. Experience is quite beneficial to dentists has it exposes them to different diseases and ways to mitigate the spread while simultaneously treating it. As a patient, this is beneficial to you as it means you are in proficient care.

Latest High-Tech Equipment 

For improved efficiency of its Chicago dentists, the clinic has purchased a number of useful equipment such as the intraoral camera and the Diagnodent machine. The dentists are thus able to diagnose even slight issues before they grow.

Visit Us Today  

City Edge Dental has consistently assisted many regain their smiles and oral health. Devoted to all its patients, it's no surprise that the firm is a favorite to several Chicago residents. When in need of a reliable and all-rounded visit, City Edge Dental clinic is the place you ought to visit. To contact the clinic, visit their website, or their lovely offices.

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